Future Vision :-  

Dr. Lata Bothra has been relentlessly working on expanding the intellectual frontiers of Jainism and wants to create an intellectual community of scholars who are dedicated in the field of Jaina studies. Her vision is to revive the age old fame and intellectual heights of Jaina scholarship in Bengal. Dr. Bothra visions a bright morning for a wider perspective of Jain research and scholarship in National and International level.

One of the grand accomplishments of Dr. Lata Bothra is her incessant quest for the legendary Mount Ashtapad which, although authenticated time and again by great saints and mystics is shrouded in mystery. Dr. Bothra’s quest in this matter has led her to Kailash and Mansarover expedition. During her trekking and later endeavours Dr. Lata Bothra has been preparing, both theoretically accumulating several documents and references and practically by trekking through another hardcore expedition to Mount Ashtapad, crossing beyond Kailash. This expedition will mark a historical focus and after its discovery geographically can usher a new era in religious history. Dr. Bothra has been constantly engaged in highlighting this specific field of Mount Ashtapad, Rishabhdeva the first Tirthankar, who attained Nirvana on Ashtapada and its surrounding powerful geographical places, with a divine aura associated with it. Dr. Bothra’s doctoral dissertation was the first stepping stone in this regard. Then gradually, Adinath Rishabhdeva Aur Asthtapad, Ashtapad Sakshat are all milestones in that field.