Personae :
Dr. Lata Bothra

The illustrated site of an authoritative Indian Lady scholar of Jainology.

A Life dedicated for Jainology

Dr. Lata Bothra the celebrated Indian lady scholar of our contemporary period, was born in Agra, India. Her childhood and school days were spent in Delhi and Kanpur.

Educational Endeavour :
      Dr. Lata Bothra, had been groomed in a dichotomic atmosphere, an atmosphere, where religion and scientific insight along with western education had blended her educational career. She passed B.A. (Hons.) in Political Science from Kanpur University and passed M.A. in Political Science from the same University. Her lifelong obsession in ancient Jain Texts and archeology cropped up from that very period, which resulted in obtaining her celebrated degree of doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) from Bharatiya Siksha Parishad, Lucknow.  Dr. Lata Bothra, unceasingly worked on different facets of Jain philosophy, antiquity and archeology, her special interest being the ancient archaeological specimens of Jainism, cultural and philosophical aspects of Jainism.

For her detailed and descriptive study on the Archaeological Importance of Jainism in Bengal, Dr. Lata Bothra received the celebrated degree of Doctor of Literature (D. Litt.), from Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage, Kolkata in 2013. For her outstanding achievement in the field of Jainology, Dr. Bothra was conferred with Mahavir Swami Award by Rishabh Foundation.

She has blended her life into two parts – Dr. Lata Bothra, the house wife and Dr. Lata Bothra, the celebrated intellectual.She has been an untiring and unrelenting personality who has been dealing accurately with all the pros and cons of family duties. She has raised children, her two sons, staying abroad and has lived with head held high with dignity. The joys and sorrows of family has never been  a hindrance to her intellectual journey. She has met accidents – but has been seen writing articles, books with fractured legs, high fever, chest congestion. She is a ‘sadhika’ or a lady ascetic  with relentless intellectual fervour as her sadhana or penance. She stands today as the living example of a housewife who created her own niche cutting across difficult circumstances of life.