Achievements :

Dr. Lata Bothra’s interest and intellectual expansion has been touching the nook and corner of Jaina archeology and history. The antiquity and ancient remains of Jainism have been her field of study for years at a stretch. Her works have been highly acknowledged  and translated into different languages. She has been incessantly writing and editing on multifarious segments of Jainology and Jain culture. A detailed  list of her creative work through the years has been given below.

(A) Literary :

(1) Books :

Bhagwan Mahavir Aur Prajatantra (Hindi)

English translation as ‘The Harmony Within : Democratisation, Globalisation and Vardhaman Mahavir’  Pub : Jain Bhawan, Kolkata,

This famous booklet focuses the relevance of modern democratic purviews in the light of Jaina system of thought. It is an unique work where constitutional focus and Jain thought has been blended into a single way of thought.

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Atmadarshan :

This book is concerned with the conceptuality of soul in different philosophies as well as Jaina Dharma. It is an amalgamation of concepts which helps us to peep inside the concept of soul in different segments of  Indian Philosophy.

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Vardhaman Kaise Bane Mahavir (Hindi):

English translation as ‘From Vardhamana to Mahavira’ : A self Emancipating  Reality. Pub : Jain Bhawan, Kolkata.

This booklet focuses on the development of ascetic psyche in prince Vardhamana, who went on to become the most celebrated Tirthankara of all times, Lord Mahavira.

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Adinath Rishabh Dev Aur Ashtapad (Hindi):

This groundbreaking works on the archaeological historicity of Jain remains at Mt. Kailash, which is also the abode of Lord Rishabhdeva has been the primary focus of this book Published by Jain Bhawan, Kolkata.

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Jainism : An image of antiquity :

This book is the published form of the doctoral dissertation of Dr. Bothra. It deals with the archaeological antiquity  of Jainism reflected in different civilizations, including the Indian subcontinent.

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Bharat Mein Jain Dharm  (History) :

This book traverses through the states of India,  bringing out the blend of Jainism  in its historical and social perspective. It traverses almost  every state in India and forms a socialistic view of the Jaina culture in our subcontinent. The book is the first of its kind in Jainism and Hindi.

Ashtapad Yatra Biwran (Hindi) :

This book is the travelogue of the Kailash Mansarover Yatra by Dr. Bothra. It is a Philosophical as well as informative piece of booklet.

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Varan Bhumi Bangal

The Mahabharata states that Anga included
even Vanga, that is, the deltaic Bengal between the
Bhagirathi in the west and the Meghna-Padma in the
east; if this be true, then the Anga-Vanga country included the whole of the modern district of Murshidabad.

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Gautam-Gandhar Ya Budha

According to the Jains, the chief disciple of their
Tirthankara Mahavira, was called Gautama Swami or Gautama Indrabhuti (Ward’s Hindus, p. 247 and
Calebrooke’s Essays, vol. II. p. 179) whose identity with Gautam Buddha was suggested by both Dr . Hamilton and Major Delamaine and was accepted by Calebrooke. This is what Calebrooke says in his Essays, vol. II. p. 276 : “In the Kalpa Sutra and in other books of the jains, the first of Mahavira’ s disciples in mentioned under the name of Indrabhuti, but in the inscriptions under that of Gautam Swami. The names of the other ten precisely agree. Whence it is to be concluded that Gautama, the first one of the first list, is the same with the Indrabhuti, first of the second list.

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Sraman Sanskriti ki Shalaka
Bhumi Magadh Orissa Bengal

We shall not be far wrong, if we suppose, that the torture and the persecution suffered by the Nirgranthas or Jainas were not less severe than that experienced by the Buddhists. For the Gauda king had destroyed all the ‘V asatis’ or living places and rest houses of the Jainas through out the world i.e. through out his kingdom and expelled them (i.e. Nirgranthas or Jainas) there from. Further, it is this persecution, which is one of the many factors that lie behind the sudden eclipse of Jainism from Bengal for a period spreading over a century or more. ... J.J.

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Astapad Pranjali

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Journal :

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(2) Articles :
  • Jain Dharam Ki Sananvaya Vadi Rooprekha.
  • Jain Sahitya Me Nari Ka Avadharna
  • Dhayan in Jain Philosphy
  • Swadhyaya
  • Basic Elements of Jainism (English)
  • Sraman Bhagavan Mahavira
  • Concept of Bhakti in Jain Darshan
  • Atma Ki  Avadharna
  • Udyogon Ke Prabandhan Me Mahavir Darshan Ki Upyogita.
  • Purvi Bharat Me Jain Dharam Aur Sarak Sanskriti.
  • Bhagavan Mahavir Kampilya Me.
  • Ethical Utilitarianism In The Light of Mahavira’s
  • Philosophy
(3) Editorials :
  • Purnank (Hindi)
  • Shripal Charit
  • Updesh Mala
  • Panch Pratikraman Sutrani
  • Jin Vandana
  • The Sayeth Our Lord
  • Essense Of Jainism
  • Astayika Pravachan
  • Kalp Sutra (Bengali)
  • Ashtayika Vyakhayan
  • Devsiya-Rai-Pratikraman Sutra (Hindi & Bengali)
  • Souri Pur Ka Rajkumar
  • Samata Darshan
  • Jain Tatva Bodhika
  • Preksha Dhyan (Hindi - Bengali, English)
    (4) Lectures (Seminars, Symposium)
  • Concept of Soul in Tattvarth Sutra, - Bhogilal Leherchand Institute, Delhi.
  • Jain Dharam Ke Mool Tatva- Ahmedia Muslim Convention.
  • ‘Anekantvad’ - All Religious Conference, Purulia (West Bengal)
  • ‘Basic Principles of Jainism’ - Bengali Religious  Conference.
  • ‘Udyogon Ke Prabandhan Mein Mahavir Darshan’ Seminar in Culcutta.
  • Jain Darshan Mein Swadhyay’ -   Jain Vidyalaya, Howrah.
  • ‘Manavta Aur Seva’ Jain Hos pital, Howrah.
  • Welcome speeches at Netaji Indoor Stadium on 2600th Birth Anniversary of Bhagavan Mahavira and at Ramkrishna Mission Institute, Calcutta in the International Seminar on Bhagavan Mahavira and 21st Century.
  • Jain Dharam Ki Prachinta - Ahemdabad
  • Antiquity of Jainism - Acharya Hastimalji Maharaj
  • Ashtapad a reality - On the Occasion of Astapad Exhibit in Delhi.
  • Adi Jains of Bengal - Delhi,
  • Rishab Sanskriti - Ahemadabad.
(B) Documentary Film :
Dr. Lata Bothra has written the script of a celebrated documentary film on Jainism named ‘Shraman Bhagwan Mahavira’ which has achieved applause far and wide.

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Jain Heritage Of Bengal - Part2

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(C) Historical Expedition :
    Dr. Lata Bothra has extensively toured in Bengal and different parts of India along with travelling  in Kailash and Mansarover in Tibet. Her extensive field works in Purulia on the extant specimens of Saraks along with the ancient historicity of Rishabha and Mount Ashtapad in Kailash has been famous all over India.